Joshua 1:9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.’

“Be bold, be strong for the Lord your God is with you” – are you singing along yet? Joshua is told many times to be strong and courageous, why? I could suggest a few reasons. Firstly, as Moses successor, he had rather large shoes to fill. Secondly, he had a difficult and daunting task ahead of him. Thirdly, he was human! Neither Joshua nor we are not called to be strong because we are all-powerful, mighty people, nor are we called to be courageous because we are tough fearless men and women, rather we are told to be strong and courageous because our Lord – the Almighty, all-powerful God who has control and authority over every created thing – is with us. So we may note 2 things:

  1. If God is not with you there are a great many reasons and situations that will cause you to realise your weakness and make you afraid and,
  2. It is through our confidence that God is with us that we can be strong and courageous.

Therefore if you are in the first category of people you would do well to call out to God and ask that he draw near to you – and he will for that is why he sent his Son Jesus to earth, to die and rise again – that we, frail and weak, might come to the almighty powerful holy God and be welcomed. If you are in the second group then it is wise to increase this confidence that God is with you – talk to the Lord and hear his voice, open your eyes and see him, read his Word and learn the promises he has made and the truths he has declared – be assured that God is with you and the natural consequence will be a stronger more courageous you.

Father God, you made a way for me, a weak and sinful person, to come to you. So through faith in Jesus Christ I come. Jesus you promised to always be with me and so I will talk to you and listen to you and look for you today. Holy Spirit my heart is your home. Live in me, make me alert to the opportunities of partnering with you today. Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I receive your wisdom, strength and courage to face the challenges of today for I know you are with me. Amen.

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