Psalm 110 – a psalm of David

1: The Lord says to my lord, ‘Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies your footstool.’

We don’t think about having enemies like David, as king of Israel, did but I suspect we can all think of some if we try hard enough.  They may not be people but could be things which tempt us and which we can’t resist, or our own attitudes, or apathy such as when we sit in front of the TV knowing we should be writing the next daily devotion but seem unable to press the off button.  It might help us to think about sitting next to God while he makes those things our footstool.  This is an active, ongoing thing.  God doesn’t just do it immediately and we have to wait until He has done it, not because He cannot do it immediately but because He has to wait until we are ready to have those things dealt with.  

Father, thank you that I may sit at your right hand, to be helped, guided and comforted by you as you work with me in identifying the enemies I have, in giving me the desire to overcome them, and in helping me to victory over them.  Amen.  

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