Psalm 92: An encouragement in troubled times

“We don’t know what’s happening from one day to the next; it’s a struggle just to survive.”
In these troubled times can we thrive spiritually? Is all our energy needed just to survive?
This psalm was written for the Sabbath Day. Israel’s Sabbath was a blessing – an enforced day of rest from the demands of daily life; a day for worship and praise, morning and night.
It was also a psalm written in times of trouble. Our enemies today are different from those of the psalmist. We are all deeply affected by the spread of coronavirus. Patterns of life have been turned upside-down and our government has become severely tested. Many things will never be the same again.

How can we thrive spiritually at a time like this? How can we know God’s peace with so many ‘unknowns’ every day? How can we keep spiritually healthy when Christian fellowship is taken away?
verses 1 – 4 It is always good to praise the Lord in song
verses 5 – 9 God’s deeds demonstrate that righteousness will triumph in the end.
verses10 – 15 God provides for our spiritual nourishing

In this time of trouble and uncertainty will we sing the Lord’s praises, wherever we are, even without our usual fellowship of believers or place of worship?
Are we living with the confidence that God will supply all our needs?
Are we seeking to flourish spiritually?

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