Thought and Prayer for Friday 24 July

Yesterday Dennis shared about God being God of the ordinary, and the fact that for most of the time life is ordinary.  As he mentioned, the exciting things in the lives of people in the Bible only happened on one or perhaps two or three occasions in their lives and the rest of their lives were ordinary.  On Wednesday Peter shared about reading good Christian books and many of the people in those books also lived ordinary lives with just the occasional extraordinary events in them.

At the moment we might be finding life extra ordinary – ‘even more’ ordinary than usual – as we cannot go out much, cannot have people round to our homes as we used to, cannot meet at church, etc.  But extra-ordinary can also mean the opposite – outside or beyond the ordinary and yes, life at the moment is that too.  Who would have thought lockdown would be imposed across the world – unprecedented, extraordinary!  Let us make the most of the ordinary and the extraordinary, the opportunity to do those boring little jobs that we’ve not had time to do or procrastinated over for ages and the new things we’ve wanted to have time to try.  Let us have our regular, daily time with God and give him that extra time to really listen to what he is saying to us and allow the extraordinary to happen in our lives.

Father God, thank you for your love for and patience with us.  Thank you that you are the God of our ordinary lives, and that you can make them extraordinary if we allow you to.  Amen.

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