For the mind set on the flesh is death, but the mind set on the Spirit is life and peace,
Romans 8:6 NASB
I have often found myself “fire-fighting”, spending my time dealing with problems and difficulties that just keep flaring up. Whilst I recognise that occasionally it may be necessary to “just get through the day” it is not the kind of life that is offered to us in Scripture. It is not the life that Jesus lived. Jesus was kind and compassionate, powerful and strong. He knew when to say ‘no’ and when to say ‘let’s go’. Why and how? Jesus didn’t get overwhelmed by the multitudes of sick people, nor the thousands who were hungry, nor the argumentative religious folk. He interacted with them all but his focus was clearly on doing his Father’s will. Jesus prioritised spending time with his Father and obeying him. In turn that meant he knew when to heal, when to feed people, when to correct and when to free people.
I have found the way to stop feeling bombarded by difficulties and to live instead a fulfilled life is to focus on bringing heart and mind and soul in line with Jesus. This is not something that happens when we have finished our work, cleaned the house and spent time with our families. It is something that must be the focus of each and every day. It is only through intimate communion with Father, Son and Holy Spirit that we can ever experience the fullness of life that we so desire. Let us not get caught up in the everyday issues, let us rather keep close to Jesus so that our everyday experience is one of life and peace even when life is difficult.
Lord Jesus, I love you and want to know you more. You have given me life and I want to share your life-giving power with others. Please keep me close to you, focussed on your eternal truths and not the distractions of passing troubles. Help me to be diligent and compassionate in my work that I might bring glory to you. Amen

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