“Give us our daily bread…”

When I pray the Lord’s Prayer, I mumble this bit, hardly thinking about it because it seems that whether I pray it of not, I will have enough to eat – a privilege of living as a middle class person in a First World country.

But then I have been reading about Open Doors work where they are trying to get enough food to Christians overlooked or ignored in government emergency relief e.g. in India, also about work in Uganda amongst orphans and also reading the Vokuhls’ prayer letter about families starving because of lockdown intended to protect the country as well as a plague of locusts spreading over from Africa, it seems very trite of me to simply assume that this verse in the Lord’s prayer does not apply much to me.

Rather, I am learning that (a) Jesus is the Bread of Life, whatever I have in this world, I desperately need Him every day; (b) that I can pray for my brothers and sister in Nepal (for example) to get the daily bread they need to avoid starvation, (c), to do something, even something small, to help them.

If I think we have “Got it covered, Lord, so no need for You on this one, thanks,” it is not exactly a sign of a spiritually healthy heart.

However we feel about it, we ARE dependent on the Lord, so let’s praise and thank Him for it anyway, even if we DO know where our next meal is coming from.

Lord, firstly, give our Christian family in __ today their daily bread. Please also provide our food for today. Thank you that I rarely have to worry about getting enough but may that lead to compassion and ACTION for others who cannot know where their next meal is coming from, especially during lockdown. Forgive me for assuming that this prayer does not apply to me just because of my circumstances. Thank you for Your abundant blessings. As I eat today, may it be a celebration of Your goodness. And use my abundance to help others in need, too.


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