Verse and Prayer for 20th August by June

‘The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble; he cares for those who trust in
him.’ Nahum 1:7
The book of Nahum is tucked away between Micah and Habakkuk in the Old
Testament, and is mostly a book of doom and gloom. This verse may be the only
bright spot in a black situation. Nineveh was doomed, Nineveh would fall, woe to Nineveh are the chapter headings of this small book. I suppose this may be
another example of ‘But God …’ In the midst of doom and gloom, the people
needed to be reminded that the Lord is good, that He is a refuge and haven in
the midst of any troubles, and that He cares for those who trust in Hm. God may
not change circumstances, but He is with us. Tuesday Fellowship began
memorising this verse at the beginning of last term, a time of gloom and doom for the nation and the world, as the virus put many in lockdown, and many of us
were not able to even see one another. God’s goodness and His care for us, and
the sure knowledge that we can run to Him for safety and protection in troubled
times, is a good verse to remember – and maybe one we can share with others
when they find themselves in dark times.
Prayer: Thank you, Father, that You are good – all of the time – that You care for us as we trust in You, that we are safe with You in any and all times of trouble. Thank You that You don’t change . Amen

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