Psalm 103:17-18
But the love of the LORD remains for ever with those who fear him. His salvation extends to the children’s children of those who are faithful to his covenant, of those who obey his commandments!

Listening again to The Blessing, which has become my soundtrack for the lockdown months, the closing words remind me that God’s plan for those who love Him extends to the “thousandth generation of their children and their children’s children”. That is no exaggeration! We can have confidence that even though human life is brief, the Lord of eternity has the lives of our families in His hands and His loving kindness will guard the lives of those who fear Him. Even centuries after us, He will be at work answering our prayers for those who come after us. Amazing!

I’m so thankful that we have loving multigenerational families in church who are examples of this for us. I’m also grateful to God that those of us who haven’t had that background can trust the promise that God’s purpose for our family can begin with us, as we obey Him and seek to leave a heritage based on prayer, living in God’s love with godly obedience, not just for any children we might have, but for our wider
extended family. We have Jesus’ example that this blessing can extend to anyone whose lives we are privileged to influence, not just blood relations or offspring. Within church life, we have spiritual family who will also be richly blessed as we live in a faith-filled way.

Pray: Father God, thank you for the lives of godly families that are a rich reminder of Your love and eternal faithfulness. Thank you for my own family – whether I have had a godly inheritance or not, You long to bless those who come after me with Your salvation and redemption. Please help me to persevere, reminding me daily that my obedience and love for You can have an impact for generations to come, that You will continue to work in the lives of those I love in ways which I may never see. Thank you for all Your promises to me. Amen.

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