Verse and Prayer for Friday 18 September

Zechariah 9:9, Matthew 21:5

Say to the Daughter of Zion, ‘See your King comes to you, (righteous and having salvation), gentle and riding on the back of a donkey, on a colt, the foal of a donkey.’

Gentle, why is the coming king (Jesus) described as gentle?  We often think of gentleness as something reserved for looking after children, or people who are sick, or the elderly, but here is a king being described as gentle.  And this is the King of Heaven, the King of Creation, the King of all the earth, the King who will sit in Judgement at the Last Day.  Perhaps it picks up the theme that Lynette wrote about on Monday, of God knowing all our weaknesses and failings and yet still persevering with us, through his Grace – being patient and gentle with us as he continues to encourage and coax us to follow him.

Father God, thank you that you are a gentle God, loving us patiently as a parent loves a child and longs to see it grow.  Thank you that in Jesus we have the perfect model parent, gentle with children, with his disciples and with the people he taught through stories and parables, and gentle even on the cross to the criminal hanging next to him.  Help us to be gentle with ourselves and with each other in the living of our lives together.  Amen.  

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