As each Sunday morning we are looking at the Ten Commandments, let’s read the passage from Exodus 20 again.

Reading: Exodus 20:1-17

Follow the Maker’s Instructions
It is odd that we never think to question the instructions that come with our microwave or washing machine and yet have problems with God’s instructions on the most important issues in the whole of life. If the handbook on our camera warns us to keep it away from water, we do it, but if the Bible, which comes with much greater authority and a much longer warranty, tells us not to steal or not to tell lies we are reluctant to take it seriously. Jesus even defined those commandments more specifically in the Sermon on the Mount.

My mother never had the patience to read instructions but would throw them away being convinced she didn’t need them. Are we like that with God’s Word, thinking we know better how to run our lives?

Prayer: Help us Lord not to adapt Your Word to suit what we want to do. Keep us aware of the times we are straying from Your pure and perfect way. Forgive us for the times when we ignore what You tell us. We know that we cannot live as You require without Your help.

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