Verse and Prayer for Friday 30 October

John 4 Jesus and the Samaritan Woman, verses 34-38

In this passage of scripture Jesus tells us that the sower and the reaper are not always the same person, as some of us thought about in our Harvest service a few weeks ago.  We may sow and not see the results, or we may reap the harvest of another sower.  Jesus talked to the Samaritan woman at the well and the disciples were surprised at her – and many other Samaritans’ – belief following this encounter.  This was a double surprise – Jesus bothering to talk to a Samaritan and a woman – but to Jesus she was just another human being who needed to hear his message; race and gender had no relevance to her need to be saved, unless it be that her need was greater since to others she did not count.  As we meet people who need to hear about Jesus we do not know what they might have already heard about him and must guard against preconceptions of who ‘it might be worth witnessing to’; everyone needs to hear the good news! The main thing is to be ready to witness to everyone and be happy to sow or reap as the relationship develops in God’s planning.

Father God, help us to see everyone with your eyes and love them with your heart.  Make us blind to the unconscious bias in our own eyes and hearts as we witness to those around us who need to hear about you.  Give us your grace and your words to talk to them, your hands to help them as far as we are able at this time of social distancing.   Amen.

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