Romans 8: 16, 17
“The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirt that we are children of God, and if children, then heirs – heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ.”

A Wall Street stockbroker, an immigrant from Germany, died unmarried and without any known heirs. His inheritance amounted to a fortune of some five million dollars. A legatee investigator in Germany received notification of this from a colleague in New York and set to work, searching through archives and address lists, contacting registry and parish offices. Eventually he discovered a distant relative, who then only needed to sign the certificate of heirship and agree to the search fee, which assured the investigator a handsome proportion of the legacy according to the work done.

Lots of people would like to become rich suddenly and unexpectedly. But it rarely happens! Yet heirs are still sought for an incalculable inheritance, which all are invited to share and whose value does not decrease with the number of heirs found. It is God’s inheritance for His children, the riches He holds in store for them.
Now who has a right to this inheritance? All who sincerely believe of Jesus Christ, the Son of God become children of God and thus heirs of God. And there is another advantage: no fees become due! On the contrary, Jesus Christ, the Mediator, paid that price by giving His life on the cross so that sinners might become God’s children and heirs.

So let us not complain if an inheritance doesn’t fall into our lap. The riches of the Christian who trusts God’s fatherly hand during his life and will one day share glory with Christ are infinitely greater.

Prayer: Dear Lord, help me to get my head round what an amazing inheritance we have when we believe in Christ as our Saviour. Thank You for Your generosity in wanting to share everything with us, and thank You Jesus, for being willing to pay the price that enabled us to
receive that inheritance. May we live day by day with our heads held high knowing who we are in You. Amen.

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