Advent Day 7 (Jen)

*A Song Was Heard At Christmas*
By Timothy Dudley-Smith

A song was heard at Christmas 🎄
To wake the midnight sky,

A Saviours birth, and peace on earth. And praise to God on high.

The angels sing at Christmas, with all the hosts above.
And still we sing the newborn King, His glory & His love ❤️.

Wherever we are this day. This moment. Lets just pause and be still!

Let’s allow whatever were feeling maybe it’s joy, thankfulness, pain, grief or the sadness, but whatever it is allow it to surface.

Then let’s just ask God to be present with us just as we are, just where we are. Just to find us in the truth of the place we are..

Let’s lay it before him knowing that we can thank Him for his blessing in our lives. We know that in the good and the bad times, whatever we face, we have His strength and power to lean upon and find lasting peace within.

Many blessings to you this wonderful day – this unique and marvellous day that the Lord has made!

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