EASTER THOUGHTS today from Mark.
Hi. As a 10 year old, just prior to my conversion, I always got that Easter, in general, was kind of important. I was even vaguely aware that Jesus died for me, though I didn’t yet appreciate what that meant. I certainly didn’t get why Good Friday was so “good”.
What engrained Good Friday into my general consciousness was a visit to our church by the evangelist John Knight. He was also known then as a chalk artist. (I later appreciated his radio outreach, and he presided at the funeral of Phil Widdison).
On this Good Friday, he drew, coloured chalk on a black background, a scene of three crosses on a hill. It really hit me.
He said he would give the art away at the end of the service to the first (young) person who could name the author of the earlier hymn, whom he had happened to mention. I got it right, and that picture was on my bedroom wall for a long time. It definitely had a strong influence on my life.
Now, I am much inclined to think of Good Friday and, specifically the Cross, in the words of Robert Cleaver Chapman:
“Oh my Saviour crucified
Near the cross would I abide.
There to look with steadfast eye
On the dying agony”
So, you see, Good Friday is rather important.

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