In his book ‘Light in the shadows’ Ed Landry shows how the feasts and sacrifices in the Old Testament point us to the work that Jesus does. You may not know much about the rules and regulations for the burnt, meal, peace, sin and guilt offering but know this; we have no need to offer these sacrifices anymore because Jesus perfectly met all their requirements once and for all. Our relationship with God the Creator, our Father in Heaven is one of love and peace and joy because our sin has been dealt with. As Easter draws nearer let us remember the great cost Jesus paid to achieve this but let us also live in the light of that. After all, it is incredibly insulting and hurtful to the gift giver when the one who receives the gift of great worth refuses to use it.
Father, I come into your courts with thanksgiving and joy and peace for I know what Jesus has done for me. I choose to live today with you for I love your presence. You are great and awesome and you are my friend. Amen

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