Today’s Easter Thoughts (from Mark, aged 58 and a bit).
“We may not know, we cannot tell
What pains he had to bear
But we believe it was for us
He hung and suffered there.

Oh, dearly, dearly has he lived!
And we must love him too;
And trust in his redeeming blood,
And try his works to do.”

I would exaggerate Cecil Alexander’s words, and say there is no way we can ever truly know or understand how much Jesus suffered at Calvary. We can, though, appreciate a little more each time we meditate on it. The more I dwell on it personally, the more graphic and real it seems to become. The key to remember, even if we cant quite get the full impact of the suffering Christ, is that it was for us. It was for me.

Oh, but it doesn’t end there. We can, and should, appropriate the love demonstrated in Christ giving himself. First, towards Him, in humble thankfulness. Second, towards each other, as we “try his works to do.” And we can do that. Amen.

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